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We’re a full-service landscaping contractor and nursery serving the Tampa Bay area.  Specializing in the many varieties of bamboo, we create custom outdoor spaces to suit every taste and lifestyle.  We install and maintain plants for appearance and privacy, ensuring your landscape is organized and beautiful.  In business for over 20 years, Island Bamboo Gardens is recognized as a premier source of non-invasive bamboo.  Plus, we have many other plants and garden-related items.  Please visit our nursery and garden shop, or call us for a no-obligation on-location consultation.


We’re a full-service garden center with a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants along with garden accessories.  Plus we have a charming gift shop with unusual landscaping and garden-themed items.

Island bamboo Gardens in Pinellas Park


Very few local nurseries carry bamboo, let alone the dozens of varieties we have.  We’re specialists in live clumping bamboo that doesn’t spread and take over like running bamboo.  That makes them ideal for bamboo fencing and other privacy solutions.  Island Bamboo’s experts know what works best as focal points, backgrounds, or screens… which are notably extra wind-resistant….

There are countless varieties of bamboo, all both beautiful and functional, in a surprisingly wide range of sizes and colors.  We grow and display some 40 varieties and are happy to help you choose the best species for barriers, landscapes and even some that can be grown in pots,.  Regardless of the intended purpose, most are stocked in 3 to 25-gallon containers, ready for planting.  Or we can do the planting for you, even offering an optional overall landscaping custom design.


Florida residents love our tropical and oriental gardens, natural habitats, and outdoor living spaces.  As licensed landscaping specialists we can take care of everything, from naturally beautiful barriers to a secret paradise for relaxing, enjoying your pool or to provide a special area for outdoor cooking and dining.  Our highly skilled and experienced landscape experts will work with you to develop an ideal plan, then bring it to life! We can even maintain it for years to come.  With us there’s no standard designs, everything is customized according to your wishes.  Your landscaping will be uniquely you.



We can make custom landscaping designs with you.


Our highly skilled and experienced team will make your vision come true.


We can take care of maintaining your beautiful garden and bamboo installations.

You can be assured that you will receive the absolute best service, quality in products and turn around time possible when you work with us.

Creative design services are provided to match your vision to your finished landscape project.


Island Bamboo Garden is a hidden paradise centrally located in Pinellas Park, Florida.

We welcome you to visit our garden center, a tropical oasis where we grow and display over 40 different species of non-invasive bamboo. We also carry hundreds of unusual plants, garden-related items, stunning décor pieces, versatile bamboo fencing and other outdoor products.

Bamboo can provide a beautiful and functional focal point in your garden design and it can transform your existing landscape with its unique colors, sizes and styles. Our bamboo ranges in size from species that reach a maximum height of six feet to those that can grow 100 feet tall! Our live bamboo plants are generally sold in containers ranging in size from three to twenty-five gallons.

One of our specialties is designing, installing and maintaining tropical landscapes, many that feature the use of bamboo for privacy. We would like to show you how bamboo can provide a beautiful, natural and cost-effective barrier for your home or business.

Visit us so we may share all the benefits of non-invasive bamboo or allow us to schedule an on-site design consultation to discuss the products and services that best fit your needs.