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In Florida few home options top tropical outdoor spaces, whether exotic, formal, or cozy.  So bamboo expertise is sought after, but rare.  We’re the area’s leader in non-invasive bamboo, growing dozens of varieties in our own nursery.

Bamboo for Landscaping

Bamboo for Privacy Screening

Most people are amazed by the wide variety in the types of bamboo available.  For starters, full-size plants range from 6 to 100 feet tall, with culm 1/2 to 4 inches in diameter.  Despite their tropical nature many feature cold hardiness to sub-freezing temperatures so they’re worry-free.  A few are prized for their flowers.  Colors include a range of yellows and greens to browns and almost black.  Some are variegated, with different colored streaks or patches.

The ways bamboo can be used in landscaping also seem almost unlimited, especially with our creative designs.  Bamboo can serve as privacy screens and backgrounds.  Choosing the right height, diameter, and color plantings it can blend in with pathways, terraces, gardens, decks, driveways, swimming pools and water scapes.  Or be stand-out focal points of their own in a tropical oasis, creating a grand entrance, a private sanctuary, or an outdoor living space.  Possible styles cover the gamut from cozy to elegant, tropical nature to formal, in order to perfectly match your tastes and lifestyle.

Frequent Questions

Invasive?  Running vs Clumping?

If you’re worried about a bamboo planting taking over, you’re not alone.  Many species spread and can seem impossible to eradicate.  They’re referred to as “running” and can be invasive.  We work almost exclusively with “clumping” varieties that are far, far less aggressive so they don’t try to take over and can be removed if necessary.


Culm is simply a botanist’s or bamboo-lover’s term for the shoot or main “stalk” itself.

More Than Planting?

We’re more than a nursery and do more than planting.  We’re a general contractor with 20+ years of experience creating all aspects of simply amazing landscapes and complete outdoor spaces.  In addition to custom landscaping services covering design, construction, and planting, we also provide maintenance including irrigation, trimming, and updates.  And we make sure we abide by city and homeowner’s association regulations.