Island Bamboo is a full service landscape company.

We are proud to service Pinellas and Hillsborough counties with complimentary consultations for all customers considering our services.

Custom Designs

Custom designs include oriental gardens, natural habitats, and outdoor living spaces, and more!

Walkways, terraces, decks and driveway designs can be incorporated into your design project and Island Lawn is your General Contractor on big projects encompassing many parts to the project’s completion.

Our highly skilled team can create custom designs that fit your space (and your budget!)

1. Schedule a time for a consultation

2. Work with our design team to bring your vision to life or have use make a plan for you

3. We’ll do the installation and the maintenance!

Our team will help you choose the right type of bamboo for each design and space. We make sure that the designs adapt to the environment and that your bamboo will have what it needs to thrive.


Our installation team has years of experience and we handle a variety of projects. Our design team will make a plan together with the customer and take care of the installation.

We offer complimentary consultation about bamboo care and future maintenance needs to anyone considering our services.

Some of our most popular installation projects include:

• Bamboo fencing and privacy screens
• Garden walkway designs with bamboo features
• “Natural habitats”
• Oriental gardens

Stop by our Pinellas Park Garden Center for inspiration, ideas, and consultation. Our team will help you determine which type of bamboo best suits your needs and what kind of climate and soil is required for your bamboo to thrive.


Caring and maintaining a bamboo garden is the key to its success. At Island Bamboo, proper care is a crucial part of the full-service landscaping we provide. Each project we bring to life includes a plan for the care the design will need to look its best.

Our team can then help maintain your garden, for example, by checking the growth rate, soil conditions, proper irrigation, and the overall health of the plants. We will also trim the bamboo plants when necessary.

We can also provide consultation and maintenance services for those who already have bamboo installed and who are looking for help with proper care.